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Casio a168wa-1wdf men

33 JOD

Introducing the Casio watch, a standard model that combines simplicity with modern functionality. This metal timepiece is designed to effortlessly coordinate with various outfits, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion.

Featuring a 1/100-second stopwatch, this Vintage watch showcases a touch of contemporary technology. With the ability to measure elapsed, split, and final times with 1/100-second accuracy, this stopwatch ensures precision and accuracy in style. It can measure times up to 1 hour, catering to your timing needs with ease.

The Casio Vintage watch incorporates an electro-luminescent backlight, setting it apart in the industry. This highly functional feature illuminates the entire watch face, allowing for easy readability in the dark. Say goodbye to squinting your eyes to check the time and embrace the convenience this backlight provides.

Equipped with a futuristic CR2016 battery, the Vintage model guarantees a remarkable battery life of approximately 7 years. You can rely on this long-lasting power source, ensuring that your watch remains functional and fashionable for years to come.

An essential feature for everyday hustle, the alarm function of the Vintage watch is designed to assist you. With impressive technology, the daily alarm emits an audible signal at the set time, reminding you of recurring events throughout your day.

Measuring at 38.6 × 36.3 × 9.6 mm, the case size strikes a balance between functionality and style. With a weight of 50 g, this watch offers a comfortable fit on your wrist, suitable for daily wear.

The case and bezel of the Casio Vintage watch are crafted from resilient resin with a chrome-plated finish, adding a touch of sophistication to its design. The stainless steel band features an adjustable clasp, ensuring a secure and personalized fit.

Water resistance adds to the durability of this watch, allowing you to confidently wear it in various everyday situations. The Casio Vintage watch is also equipped with an auto-calendar, set at 28 days for February, to keep you updated.

With an accuracy of ±30 seconds per month, this watch provides reliable timekeeping. It is designed with men in mind, offering a timeless aesthetic that suits a masculine style.

In summary, the Casio Vintage watch is a sleek and functional timepiece that complements any outfit effortlessly. Its 1/100-second stopwatch, electro-luminescent backlight, long-lasting battery, and alarm function make it a practical companion for everyday life. With its water resistance, adjustable stainless steel band, and durable construction, this watch combines style and functionality for the modern man.

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