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Casio AQ-800EC-2A

44 JOD 59 JOD

Introducing the Casio Unisex Watch, a sleek and versatile timepiece that blends contemporary style with impressive functionality. Designed to appeal to both men and women, this watch features a combination of classic analog hands and a digital display, ensuring a modern and timeless appeal.

Crafted with a resilient Resin Glass, this watch guarantees durability and protection against daily wear and tear. The adjustable stainless steel band, suitable for wrist sizes ranging from 150 to 205 mm, offers a comfortable fit and adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

The Casio watch boasts a compact case size, measuring 40.7 × 32.1 × 8.7 mm, and weighs a mere 52 grams, making it lightweight and perfect for everyday wear. The case and bezel are expertly crafted from a combination of resilient resin and chrome plating, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and durability of the timepiece.

Water-resistant capabilities ensure that this watch can withstand splashes and brief immersion in water, providing peace of mind during daily activities. Additionally, its long-lasting battery, with an approximate lifespan of three years on SR920W, eliminates the need for frequent battery changes.

Equipped with a range of practical features, the Casio Unisex Watch is a reliable companion for your daily adventures. It offers dual time functionality, allowing you to easily keep track of time in different time zones. The 1/100-second stopwatch with a measuring capacity of 59'59.99'' ensures precise timekeeping for your athletic pursuits or timed activities.

With the daily alarm and hourly time signal, you can stay punctual and organized throughout the day. The auto-calendar, accommodating 28 days for February, ensures you stay up to date with the passing months. The watch maintains an impressive accuracy of ±30 seconds per month, ensuring you're always on time.

The Casio Unisex Watch also features a 12/24-hour format, allowing you to choose between different time display options based on your preference. The regular timekeeping function includes two analog hands for hour and minute readings, while the digital display showcases hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, and day information.

Combining style, durability, and functionality, the Casio Unisex Watch is a reliable and versatile timepiece that effortlessly complements any outfit and keeps you on schedule. Whether you're heading to the office, hitting the gym, or embarking on an adventure, this watch is the perfect companion for your wrist.

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