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Casio DW-291H-9AV men

42 JOD 56 JOD

Introducing the Casio watch, a timepiece that combines style, durability, and functionality. With its 10-year battery life, you can rely on this watch for long-lasting performance without the hassle of frequent battery changes.

Designed for adventurous individuals, this watch offers a remarkable 200-meter water resistance (20 bar), making it suitable for various water activities like swimming, snorkeling, and water sports. It's a reliable companion that can handle your aquatic adventures with ease.

Featuring an LED light, this watch ensures excellent visibility in both well-lit and dark conditions. You can easily read the time, even in low-light environments, making it convenient for outdoor activities or nighttime use.

The 1/100-second stopwatch allows you to accurately time events and activities, while the countdown timer offers flexible countdown options ranging from 1 second to 24 hours. These functions are ideal for sports, workouts, or timing specific tasks.

With its world time feature, this watch enables you to keep track of time in multiple cities around the globe. Whether you're a frequent traveler or have international connections, you can easily access up to 31 time zones and stay in sync with different locations.

Equipped with five daily alarms and an hourly time signal, this watch ensures you stay organized and punctual throughout the day. It's a reliable reminder for important appointments, meetings, or personal schedules.

The sporty design of this watch adds a touch of style to your wrist, making it suitable for both active and casual occasions. The case and bezel are made of durable resin, providing excellent protection against daily wear and tear.

Additional features include a full auto-calendar programmed up to the year 2099, ±30 seconds per month accuracy for reliable timekeeping, and regular timekeeping for hours, minutes, seconds, PM, month, date, and day.

Embrace the durability, functionality, and sporty design of the Casio watch. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, traveling to different time zones, or going about your daily activities, this timepiece offers the perfect combination of style and practicality. Stay on time and enjoy the reliability of this versatile watch, designed to enhance your active lifestyle.

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