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Casio MTP-M300D-2AVDF Men

78 JOD 104 JOD

Introducing the Casio Lunar Explorer, a watch that transcends conventional timekeeping with its celestial prowess. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing dance of the moon through the striking analog timepieces adorned with multiple inset dials. This collection effortlessly marries stylish fashion with a classic lunar design, offering a unique blend of sophistication and celestial charm.

Designed for those who appreciate both form and function, the Casio Lunar Explorer ensures you stay on track, whether you're on a tight schedule or enjoying leisurely moments off the clock. The 5-bar water resistance, a testament to its durability, provides peace of mind, allowing you to move seamlessly through daily activities, from washing up to unexpected rain showers.

At the heart of this timepiece is a meticulously crafted stainless steel case and bezel, delivering both resilience and refinement. The stainless steel band, featuring a one-touch 3-fold clasp, combines comfort and security for an unparalleled wearing experience. With a case size of 46.6 × 40 × 9.3 mm and a weight of 109g, the Casio Lunar Explorer strikes the perfect balance between a bold presence on the wrist and everyday wearability.

Peer into the watch's soul through the durable Mineral Glass, where an easy-to-read display ensures timekeeping is as effortless as it is elegant. The compatibility with band sizes ranging from 150 to 205 mm allows for a personalized fit, accentuating the individuality of each wearer.

Unveil the celestial features that make the Casio Lunar Explorer truly extraordinary. Track the moon phases with precision using the dedicated moon data dial. Revel in the accuracy of ±20 seconds per month, a testament to Casio's commitment to impeccable timekeeping. The regular timekeeping functions, presented in analog style with three hands (hour, minute, second) and three additional dials (date, day, moon phase), add both functionality and allure.

Powered by a reliable SR621SW battery, the Casio Lunar Explorer boasts an approximate three-year battery life, ensuring longevity and reducing the hassle of frequent replacements. Elevate your wristwear to new heights with a timepiece that not only tells time but also narrates the celestial story of the moon. Choose the Casio Lunar Explorer and embark on a journey that takes you "to the moon and back" with every glance.

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