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Naviforce women nf5026

29 JOD 48 JOD

‼️One Year Warranty‼️
The Naviforce watch is designed to embody the true self of its wearer. Its unique and versatile design balances purity and multifaceted geometry, complementing each other to create a refreshing color matching that catches the eye. The polygonal bezel with a novel brushed texture expresses an unbridled and multi-faceted personality that complements the wearer's freewheeling temperament.

The tridimensional "clous de Paris" pattern on the dial adds a touch of chic, combined with elegant but powerful studs that demonstrate the wearer's unique charm. The exquisite polished case of a slim and unrestrained vision makes it more concise, free, and easy, showcasing a delicate and free sense.

The soft and textured leather strap of vibrant color matching makes the watch comfortable and convenient to wear, enhancing the wearer's overall look. Equipped with a Japanese metal quartz movement, the Naviforce watch provides precise timing and longer battery life, allowing its wearer to always be calm and confident.

The hands and studs of the watch are applied with luminous coatings, making it clear for reading time even at night, so there's no fear of the darkness. The Naviforce watch is 3ATM waterproof, making it perfect for daily wear, and the hardened mineral glass is high transparency, durable, and scratch-resistant. Finally, the novel textured crown makes it easy to adjust the time, adding to the watch's convenience.

Overall, the Naviforce watch is a perfect blend of unique design and practicality, making it an ideal accessory for individuals who want to showcase their true self while still being functional and convenient to wear.

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