Yaser Rushdi Watches

Quantum HNG893.851 Men

112 JOD 150 JOD

The Quantum watch is a sleek and stylish timepiece designed for men who appreciate both functionality and aesthetics. With its sporty design and robust features, this watch is the perfect companion for active individuals.

The Quantum watch features a durable black steel case that exudes strength and elegance. Its black dial creates a bold contrast, offering excellent readability in any lighting conditions. The watch operates on a reliable battery-powered quartz movement, ensuring precise timekeeping.

Equipped with a stopwatch function, the Quantum watch allows you to accurately measure time intervals for sports activities or everyday tasks. Additionally, it boasts a standard clock type with a clear display, making it effortless to read the time at a glance.

This watch is designed to withstand various environments and activities. With a water resistance rating of 10 ATMs, it can handle splashes, rain, and even swimming, providing peace of mind wherever you go. The inclusion of a calendar function further enhances its practicality, allowing you to keep track of dates effortlessly.

The Quantum watch is designed with a masculine appeal, catering specifically to the needs and tastes of men. Its black silicone cord complements the overall aesthetics and ensures a comfortable fit on the wrist.

In summary, the Quantum watch combines functionality, durability, and a sporty design, making it an ideal accessory for active men who value both style and performance. Whether you're engaged in sports, exploring the outdoors, or simply want a reliable timepiece for daily wear, the Quantum watch is a perfect choice.

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